Himalayan Odyssey - Paragliding expedition in the Himalayas

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Himalayan Odyssey - Paragliding expedition in the Himalayas

Postby Forum Admin » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:49 am

Himalayan Odyssey - Paragliding expedition in the Himalayas

An extraordinary flying adventure, exploring the legends, myths and life of the remote Himalayas and their inhabitants captured on photos and movie.

It’s the first team attempt of this route. Three friends who have explored, and discovered many paragliding sites, will go to fly unsupported over 1300kms from India trough Nepal to Sikkim in India in 6 weeks across the great Himalayan mountain range in March/April 2010.

Not many have achieved great bivouac flights in this huge area. A few pilots like John Sylvester, Bob Drury, Robbie Whithal and Luc Armand are a big inspiration.

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