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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby goanil » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:54 am


The MOA and Constitution are based on the documents of the Indian Olympic Association, so legally they have been veted out by lots of legal minds. We have only made small changes to incorporate our sport. The registrar, who is also the chief Notary, has his legal cell check it out before registering the documents. However, if anybody wants to have it checked by any lawyer, I have absolutely no problems with it.

I agree that we can basically follow well set up rules and guidelines of other well established foreign Associations, with due modifications, to suit our conditions.

It would be good to get a good committee of technical experts, who have the time, to set up the technical rules etc. The names suggested by you are most welcome in the Technical committee, provided they have the time to do justice to their posts.


Your contribution in organising "FLY INS" and promoting the sport is well appreciated and acknowledged, and that is why we want you on the MC. Sunil and others from Kerala have also done well to promote PPG, and we want them on the MC or PPG technical Committee, as per their choice.

We have proposed 5 Vice Presidents to represent each zone, and to make sure that there is equitable representation for all.

My personal opinion is that we should have capable people on the MC rather than just numbers. So just because we have 500 fliers in Maharashtra, we cannot fill the MC or TC with people from Maharashtra.

We shall certainly have some from Maharashtra, just as we plan to have some from Kerala, H.P. Karnataka, etc., based on capability.It is more important to get capable people,who can promote the sport, rather than just reprentatives of masses.

As for registering your state Association, Please duplicate the MOA and Constitution of PAI, and replace India with Kerala, and make whatever other modifications you want. Show the document to the Registrar of Societies for registration under the societies Act. He will approve the draft. You then get 8 reps. to sign the documents, and submit an application enclosing the MOA and Constitution to the Registrar, who completes the registration process. The whole process should not take more than one month, and if you know the registrar it can be done in hardly a week.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby iyer » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:08 am

Anil is the MOA & COU available on the forum for the benefit of all, i was keen to see what specifics of PPG were in it.Since this sport has its own nuances.This was the same even in other nations wherein such framework was established, eg ukppa, auppa or usppa.

This would shed some light for all PPG pilots to calibrate their exectations from this association, or plan in for alternatives complementing the same or imbibing under the grab of it.

NB : Forum Administrators: Since its PHPBB you are using can you enable the provision for tabbing a post in two category, as otherwise this post needs to moved in to PPG forum wherever it is felt more relevant.Thanks


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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby gopa » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:38 am may be useful if somebody could (again)outline the posts and its responsibilities for nomination purpose. More than if Mr.X from Y state is there in the MC or not, the clarity would help at this stage..? That would help the volunteers to make decisions or not to make bad decisions. Afterall, objective of an Association for PG pilots in India is more on getting a legal 'recreational sport flying' status in India than the (financial)welfare of this community(like other unions)..per se..
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby avi » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:46 am

@deepak..thanks for your kind words and the inputs but that's exactly what i've done. There's no pioneering work required in this regard. I'm using the BHPA Technical Manual (mentioned earlier), been studying it for quite a while, made my own notes and modified/simplified and adapted to our conditions. The BHPA Technical Manual is super extensive to directly/blindly adopt at this stage.
The stuff i'v retained will need attention and addressing from the start. To begin with we can have a Technical Committee that takes responsibilty of all the panels and divides work panelwise depending on how big a task force we have and wha takes priority.
The TC can be divided in PG and PPG disciplines that structure/functionwise run parallely supportin each other. We then don't need to run seperately for permissions/accreditions/recognitons seperately for each discipline.
@Iyer...i hope you can see this and realise that we have the best in the business to take care of PPG. Do not feel/assume PPG will get some kind of step motherly treatment and keep suggesting a seperate PPG story at every drop of a hat. regard some guidelines for nominations for GC, i suggest things like 10yrs experience in flying/training/trading of PG/PPG and/or promotional work like discovering sites/establishing schools/organising festivals and/or currently engaged wholeheartedly in establishing the National Associaion and genuine willingness to work/promote the sport by supporting the ongoing initiative of the PG/PPG association. The GC once elected/nominated wil have enough maturity to get/appoint the best people for the Management/Technical/Administrative Committees.
@Anil...State associations need to be registered now !! we need to encourage a new set of peope to sart doing this now. I am not sure in the sense that we already are short of people and once people get engaged in State associations that will come with a whole new set of responsibilties, then who'll be left for the National Association. Then there are regional associations like Bir/Yellagiri/ etc but i guess that's a good thing since the National Association will be able to function only through the support of these state/regional associations.

more soon,
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby wizzman » Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:16 pm

drdebu wrote:hi there
great job all you guys in getting this going, i think the problem is as mentioned by someone earlier is that a lot of people involved in paragliding in india especialy in the north dont know about the forum or simply dont really do internet, so maybe to get more people involved and nominated it might have to be done the old way, by post or phone, so at least people are aware of whats going on, i am not in manali at the moment otherwise could spread the word. cheers debu

Hello Debu,

Good to see your message here. I agree...not all pilots are net savvy...though many have access to Internet and have nice looking Facebook profiles ;)

Just to update...I have been talking to people in Bir about this...I am assured that they are aware of the forum and the association process. Me and Deepak have been doing our round of talks with Bir pilots... much before we discussed INPAF option.

The pilots from North (or any other part of the country) are not neglected...As Anil has mentioned elsewhere (and agreed by all) the proposed meeting on 5th June has been make sure the majority of pilots from various regions (or their representatives) are present in the meeting.

Anyway... after reading your post...I decided to speak to guys up north once again...this morning I had a loooooong (42 mnts) conference call with Suresh Thakur (representative for Bir) and Mr Roshan Lal Thakur (Senior pilot and representative of Manali). They both were very much aware of the new association and discussions on this forum. As expected ...a little happy and unhappy about few things here and there. I have been told very clearly that all of them are very happy to be with the association if it is truly Democratic and if fair representation is given to their region. I have asked them to spread the word with their boys and also get their point of view and post their response as representatives.

There is a misconception that the entire process will be done over the internet...thats not true. We are far away from deciding the election method. In fact we have not seen a single nomination yet. People who have 24 hr access to net have not yet posted their nominations. :o

We will definitely use conventional methods to communicate with those pilots who are not well-connected. But the use of modern methods will continue...and we will hope some day this will be the only option.

Thanks for your suggestion...and hope to see you more often out here.
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby drdebu » Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:56 pm

hi all
thanks manoj for all your efforts and getting in contact with the north and trying to spread the word there, just a thought from my side , once nominations start coming in etc i think the president should be someone new and not someone who has been a prominent name or in the sport for a long time as you all know there has been bad blood around and this one doesnt like that one and vice versa etc, the usual old story, so i think if this is going to work and we want everybody happy with the president elected for the time being it should be someone who is kind of neutral or something along those lines, i hope some of this makes sense if not sorry and ignore it ,its just a thought; cheers
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby wizzman » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:54 pm


I totally agree with does make lot of sense...and cannot be ignored.

President has to be a person who is well accepted by majority ( I always hesitate to say 'ALL'...don't want to take things for granted) ;)

Though the sport is growing very fast in our country...ours is still a very small community.
In my 7 years of association with this sport I have not faced many trouble-making thermals...but have discovered many instances of bad blood and 'don't like you' syndrome amongst some pilots. We all know we have to come together as ONE and try and get each and every pilot to come along.

Guys...Debu has a valid point :idea: ... please consider this.
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby wizzman » Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:07 pm

Just an update on my earlier post about speaking to guys in North.

I have suggested that we can organise for a meeting in Himachal to have a dialog with our pilots from Manali, Bir and other HP areas. Obviously we do not expect all of these guys to come down South / West to attend a meeting.

Bunch of us can travel down to HP. Suresh and Roshan can organise a meet either in Bir or Manali.
Lets call this some kind of 'PAI Campaign Tour'.
I volunteer to coordinate this meeting...will also be part of the tour.
@ANIL ...must join. Others are welcome too.

PG is very small community...and ours is a very big country guys...don't expect all to be in once place. Lets go to people. We can have one meeting in West, one in South and one in Bir... and more if required.

What say????

Avi, Samson, Gopa, Deepak, Naren ..and all ... please comment.
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby goanil » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:46 pm

So many posts and so many questions. :o :D

@ Iyer, The MOA and CONSTITUTION are already printed on this forum. You will have to go through earlier strings to find them. PPG is given equal importance as PG. No discrimination whatsoever. :roll:

@gopa, Office Bearers and their duties are posted on page 2. The GC is basically for people with good administrative, management and liason skills,with good fund raising capacity.
The TC are for PG and PPG experts with lots of skill, and experience.

@Avi, It is guys like you, Sanjay, Pendu, Eric,Samson,Mnaoj, Deepak etc that need to get together and form the Maharashtra Paragliding Association, and guys like Gopa,Vinil, john etc. who need to form the kerala Association and so on and so forth. We don't need new people to set up the state Associations. You all are already in the know of the process and are participating in the formation of the National Association, so forming the state Association should come from all of you. The regional Associations in H.P can come together under one banner of the HP Association. That will also give them better bargaining power with the HP Govt.

@Debu, your suggestions and comments are well taken. I have all along suggested that the President must be a neutral person preferably with lots of clout and pull, who is good at fund raising too. Any philanthropist Industrialist, or politician who loves this sport would be perfect. It should definitely not be any controversial person or somebody looking to exploit the Association for his benefit.
If you have anybody in mind,who fits this profile please nominate him for the post.

@ Manoj, I am all for it. Your suggestion of travelling to different pockets of the country, specially to Bir/Manali to meet up with the pilots there and gain their confidence is perfect. now why didn't I think of that. :o :lol: The sooner we plan the trip the better.
We need to meet up with as many pilots as possible,specially those that are not on the net, and explain to them that we are trying to get together a truly democratic National Association that will benefit everybody. That we are not looking for power, and that we welcome them in the Association, and their reps in the MC and TC. If Suresh and Roshan are their reps, we can put them in our MC and TC.

Lets get the nominations going guys.....why is everybody shying away. :o :shock:

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby deepak » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:00 pm

I personally always thought that we should go to the guys in North, and talk to them in person. So I for sure am in for this. Just that I wont be around till June end unfortunately, else would've loved to join.

There was news that paragliding started in Sikkim too. If we're going to the north, then might as well get in touch with guys in the East to have their participation too. Not sure who the contact person is in Sikkim, but shouldnt be difficult to get.

We nail it now and we nail it hard and even so that no one's unhappy or dis-satisfied later.

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