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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby deepak » Mon May 31, 2010 3:29 pm

@Gopa: The PG community is big, but still not big enough in numbers, reach and penetration to think about a state-wise representation. Right now we need to get together and the grow the community across the country with more and more participation. Only then we could even think of a true state-wise representation.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby goanil » Mon May 31, 2010 5:33 pm

Hi Gopa,

PAI is fully democratic. No reservations based on caste,creed, sector, age, zone, etc.etc, :lol: except for 5 vice presidents from 5 zones (proposed).

We want good able administrators and fund raisers for the Managing Council. and good able technical experts for the Technical committees. ICON pilots could certainly be considered for the Technical committees, provided they are willing to take on the responsibility. :roll:

The rate at which we are going, with nobody volunteering or nominating their name, we are soon going to have to twist arms and forcibly induct people into the Committees. :D

It would be great to have you file the first nomination form and get your name in. Your administration and sports promotion skills will be most welcome.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby drdebu » Mon May 31, 2010 6:14 pm

hi there
great job all you guys in getting this going, i think the problem is as mentioned by someone earlier is that a lot of people involved in paragliding in india especialy in the north dont know about the forum or simply dont really do internet, so maybe to get more people involved and nominated it might have to be done the old way, by post or phone, so at least people are aware of whats going on, i am not in manali at the moment otherwise could spread the word. cheers debu
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby avi » Mon May 31, 2010 7:29 pm

welcome doc (debu), good to see u here ;-)

i did mention earlier about this and it indeed is a challenge for us all. Do spread the word and let us all put our heads together to get everyone on the same page.

Here's an OVERVIEW for inviting theTechnical body to have an idea of the Scope of our Work. All members may study this document and volunteer to participate in our goals….

FIRST OVERVIEW: For Basic understanding -

Federation/ Association Objectives :

To promote high standards of Safety in the Sport of Paragliding through :
1. Pilot Rating
2. Instructor Rating and Qualification Schemes
3. Airworthiness Schemes
4. Sharing of Safety Information

Safety and Training at School level will be the responsibility of the
Chief Flying Instructor.

Safety and Training at Club level will be the responsibility of the
Chief Coach

All members (from various Schools and Clubs) progress their flying
skills and Knowledge through the Pilot Rating System and the
Instructors progress in a similar way

Instructors, Coaches, Operators and Tandem Pilots need to be Licensed.

All groups registered with the Fed/Association shall fall into two
categories ( Schools Or Clubs) with the role of providing Paragliding
discipline to the best benefit of their members.

THE SCHOOL : Schools concentrate on providing training primarily for
the beginner pilots till Club level under the close supervision of
qualified Instructors. The students are provided necessary tution to
become competent, responsible, and safe pilots.

THE CLUB : Clubs cater to the needs of qualified pilots by identifying
safe flying sites, producing site guides, newsletters, educational
capsules and organizing social and informative events, etc.

Next , i will put forward the Scope of our work and the various Panels explaining the purpose and functions of the Technical/Flight & Safety Committee.

In the meantime please take moments to see where you can play a contributory role and build this thing.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby goanil » Mon May 31, 2010 7:56 pm

Hi Debu,

We are spreading the word through all possible means. gurpreet was to get the word around in Bir.
Pankaj has spoken to Roshan Lal Thakur, and asked him to spread the word in Manali.

We need maximum participation in all forms. Can you and Gurpreet contact the International PG body and check on the formalities for affiliation and recognition of PAI ?

@Avi,Sanjay, Eric and all others,

Thanks for the inputs. Can we decide on how many Technical Committees we promote, and the role of each Committee. We can have several technical Committees to look after different technical issues.

For example we could have committees for: 1.PG rules and regulations, 2. Licensing, 3. PPG etc.

Please suggest names of Technical Committees and their roles.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby avi » Mon May 31, 2010 8:05 pm goes,


Once the Governing Council understands what needs to be done as it would after going through this overview it needs to appoint/select a "Flying and Safety Committee" of experienced pilots/Instructors to set standards, monitor activities and ensure that our aims and objectives are being met.

Flying and Safety Committee

Purpose and functions of FSC:
(the members will need to prepare all this, know and understand how)

• to monitor Safety and to provide advice, assistance and training
• to compile a technical manual
• to document incident/accident reports with an objective of learning and avoiding similar causes
• to improve training and operating techniques
• to design/approve syllabi for Instructors and Coaches for the Approved professionals
• to liaise with specialists on various subjects to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field
• to maintain an Examiner’s Panel for examination of candidates for licensing
• to conduct periodic inspections of registered training and coaching establishments
• to monitor annual renewal of licenses
• to issue Safety Notices

This Committee should be consisting of experienced Instructors or Pilots for the depth of their knowledge, experience and good sense, and each co-ordinates the work of a series of specialized panels.

FSC Panels:
(brief mention of the panels as their role is more or less self explanatory, at this stage. I will define them along with their functions once we have some names )

• The Accident Prevention and Medical Panel
• The Airspace Panel
• The Airworthiness Panel
• The Development Panel
• The Examination Panel and Inspection Panel
• The Publication Panel
• The Instructor and Coach Training Panel
• The Pilot Training Panel
• The Tow Panel
• The PPG Panel

There is plenty of information available and some research will help to finalize terms of references for each panel.

Safety Requirements and Practices

The pilots are expected to train, operate and use equipment in accordance with the guidelines that will be described in the Technical Manual (mentioned earlier). The FSC needs to revise the guidelines as the sport progresses. The FSC needs to specify its policies on

1. Safety Requirements
2. Recommended Practices
3. Federation/association Regulations
4. Alcohol and Drugs
5. Incident Reporting and Accident Investigation
6. Procedures for responding to Incident Reports
7. Disciplinary Procedures

Operating Procedures

Detailed procedures for operating various paragliding and paramotoring disciplines

1. The Flying Site- requirements, legalities etc
2. Site Control
3. Equipment- Gliders, Harnesses, Helmets, reserves etc
4. Instruction in Schools- Checks, Instruction, Emergencies etc etc
5. Training Facilities in Schools
6. Tow Launched Paragliding over land
7. Tow Launched Paragliding over water
8. Hill Launched Paragliding- Sites, Equipment and Training Techniques

Pilot Rating Schemes

Providing structured learning programs, which also functions as proficiency indicator system.

The Ratings:
• Beginner/Elementry/P1
• Club/Novice/P2
• Intermediate/Pilot/P3
• Advanced/P4

Introduction, Ground Handling, First Hops, Flight Exercises, Theory and Exam and Final assessment for each level.
This is ready and shall be soon put up for review of the Working Group


Issued to those authorized by the FSC to carry out activities for Instructing and Coaching

1. Trainee Instructor- Registration, Progression, Examination & First Aid Certification
2. Same for Instructors, Senior Instructors, Chief Flying Instructors and Examiners
3. The Coach, Operator and Tandem Pilot Schemes

Need to define Roles and responsibilities, how to become, Examinations, Forms and Licenses

Safety Notices (issued by FSC)

All Paraglider and paramotoring Pilots, Instructors, Coaches, and Safety Officers must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE ACTION ON the contents of these notices and keep them for future references. These should be regularly issued as and when the need arises and should be inserted and made part of the Technical Manual (mentioned earlier)

Administration Committee

Admin. Procedures can be developed with some research and discussions for the members, and member clubs. These will cover the following:

1. Individual Membership- Temporary membership and Annual Membership
2. School and Club Registration- Failure to comply with the conditions laid down may result in the immediate suspension of registration. Registration Application forms and conditions.
3. The Club Safety Officer- responsibilities and appointment
4. Pilot Rating Schemes
5. Personal Log Books
6. Dual/Tandem Flying
7. Qualification Validity and Withdrawl
8. Daily Flight Records
9. Student Training Records
10. Incident Reports
11. School Inspections
12. Insurance requirements
13. Site Sovereignty and Registration
14. Student Training Abroad
15. Training of Qualified Members

Key Milestones & Proposed Timelines

Forming of the Governing Council and sub-groups : 15 June 2010
Relegation of responsibilities in key areas : 15th June 2010
Skeletal Readiness in all Areas & Goals : 20th June 2010
Setting up agenda for the 1st GC Meeting : 30TH June 2010
First Meeting of GC : 1st week July 2010

The dates can be reviewed and revised by the participants but defining some target timelines will help us focus forward

Milestones & timelines for various deliverables from GC will be defined & published to the forum post first meeting of the GC.

This broadly covers our area of Operation. The Governing Council/Committee needs to get together on this and deliberate on forming the Flying and Safety committee/Admin group of responsible people who take responsibility to take this initiative forward.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby goanil » Mon May 31, 2010 8:26 pm

@Avi, Good job.

Lots of stuff to digest. Can we also start by proposing names for the FSC and other committees. These committees can be formed parallely with the Managing Committee. Please come forward and offer your services and Technical expertise.

Another issue that we need to look at as our National Association grows, is forming state Associations, like in all other sports.

The chain of command will then be as follows:

1. Individual members become members of clubs and schools.
2. Schools and clubs in each state become members of their state Association.
3. The state Associations become members of the National Association.

This is still way off. but it would be good to start forming state Associations, using a similar format of MOA and CONSTITUTION of PAI.

Karnataka and Goa have already formed and registered their state Association. It would be good if other states followed suit too.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby gopa » Mon May 31, 2010 9:38 pm

My post here WRT Deepak's reply was exactly what I was trying to say...! It wouldnt be a bad idea to put in some guidelines on nominations(I would be the last person to push a linguistic/ regional divide in flying!). Somebody was telling in the forum abt Regional representation and that was why I started this thread !!. But, a representation from a state like kerala(for example), where less than a dozen fly cannot compare with a State like Maharashtra where 300 pilots fly on a weekend..At the same time, being a State which has organised four consecutive Fly-Ins since 2006 ....could use some kind of National organisational support to expand/improve what it was doing...!?
Hence, when a National organisation is to be formed, if theres no Anil aptly said..people may not 'volunteer' as such at this stage...? Or on the other side, it may not be nice to initiate a plastic surgery or lipo suction later..
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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby deepak » Mon May 31, 2010 11:32 pm

@Gopa: Completely agree with your thoughts. If you're saying that we should have all the representation related issues addressed right now, then I personally still would be a bit unsure of how the representation would go. Anil in my opinion is lot more knowledgeable in such matters. My only apprehension is that, and like you also pointed out, that we're so unevenly spread out, that makes such matters that much more difficult.

@Avi: Thats quite extensive. I think this comes from an already set up structure? BHPA or alikes? Going by the amount of matters that need to be dealt, it will take a very very long time to set all this up if the technical committee were to do this right from scratch. ALmost every aspect of PG is pretty much universal anywhere you fly. Wouldnt it be worth if we got the structure of an already setup association like the BHPA/French/German/European system and work our way adapting these structures to our Indian environment and flying culture? Even if we start from scratch, I dont think we'll land up vastly different with the global flying standards anyway. Things like rescue and insurance would definitely quite different here depending on what resources we have available here.

Also, wrt the technical committee, Avi himself is quite knowledgeable in such matters being a very good pilot himself. We also have so much technical expertise within our bigshots who're flying for India in the comps right now in the lights of Gurpreet, Debu, Vijay, Adie, but wont be available atleast in the month of June I guess.

PPG, i think, should be handled by PPG guys separately - Samson, Eric, Mangesh, Sunil, Salim etc. Gives it enough number for the PPG group to work out the intricacies.

@Anil: I'm sorry I keep coming back to the MOA. Would it be worthwhile to have the current MOA scrutinised by a lawyer to make sure its 100% la legally strong document? You might already have done this, in that case just ignore. If not, then having the MOA scrutinised by a lawyer ... makes the MOA that much more stronger. Lawyer in that case, might also point out something that we might've missed wrt the democratic functioning of the association.

Just my thoughts.

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Re: Paragliding Association of India

Postby gopa » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:46 am

@Anil>>Karnataka and Goa have already formed and registered their state Association. It would be good if other states followed suit too<<
Anil, we would like to register an Association in Kerala as well. Could U PL help with the guidelines?
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